Baby Beats Activity Time

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Theme: Let's Get Moving


Book title: BABY BEATS By Karen Blair 

Get grooving!  

You will need:

• You and your baby.


1. After reading the story gather some pots, pans, empty plastic containers or an empty cardboard box and spoons. Show your baby how to bang the drums. 
2. Add some water or rice to a plastic water bottle and firmly secure the lid. Now you have a shaker.
3. Use old mailing tubes or cardboard tubes (eg, paper towel roll) to hum into or blow raspberries through. Now you have a trumpet. 
4. Make lots of music while singing your favourite songs together, or just enjoy making a noise and exploring the sounds your instruments can make.


Talk about music and describe the different instruments you have made. Look at pictures of the real instruments (books or on the internet) such as a real drum kit or trumpet.
With your baby listen to different types of music and talk about what you can hear and how it feels. Do you feel like smiling, clapping or dancing?
When singing nursery rhymes or lullabies change the words to include your baby’s name eg Twinkle Twinkle Thomas Star, or Lily Had A Little Lamb, etc.


The Baby Karaoke website has lots of songs to sing, or play along using your instruments 

Key Message: Children are born ready to learn.


For full activiy time sheet please download attached PDF




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