Australian Animals ABC Activity Time

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Activity Time



Theme: Starting School

By Bambi Smyth

Wildlife fun at home


You will need:
  • You and your baby
  • Plastic or soft toy animal/s
  1. Find a few toy animals and spend time talking about each one with your baby.
  2. Help them feel each animal and describe what they are touching “That’s koala’s ears, aren’t they soft.  And that’s a cat, it’s tail is long and fluffy.”
  3. Using simple describing words while interacting with your baby helps them make sense of the world around them.
Further information

Spend some time with your baby naming the objects they see and touch each day, and describe what they are touching.  In time this will help build their vocabulary and they will start to repeat words back to you. 

Have fun making the animal noises – croak like a frog, roar like a lion, tweet like a bird. Have fun being silly together!  This makes it memorable for your child and they will look forward to this time spent playing with you.

Babies learn about their world when using all their senses and engaging with a caring adult.  Babies and children love interaction with others through play, talking, reading and singing.


Key message

Children are born ready to learn

For full activiy time sheet please download attached PDF
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