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Book title: AT THE ZOO I SEE
By Joshua Button and Robyn Wells

At the Zoo I See is a board book full of brightly illustrated animals that you might see at the zoo. With each turn of the page you will discover a new animal and interesting words such as prowling, pacing, devoted and queenly, to share with your baby.

Activity Title: Playtime with your baby

Talking every day with your child right from the start as part of your daily routine will help to develop language skills such as talking, having conversations and describing what is happening. Some ideas include:

  • Share stories that you enjoy reading with your baby. You can read the words or describe what you can see in the pictures
  • Take time for your baby to look at the pictures. Slowly point to the images as you read – this helps connect the word with the image
  • Do you know the sounds of any of these animals? Have some fun and bring the animals to life by growling like a jaguar, trumpeting like an elephant or roaring like a lion!
  • Chat with your baby while you are dressing them. Talk about the colours, patterns or types of clothes they are wearing for example, a red spotty jumpsuit or a warm woolly cardigan
  • Sing songs with your baby. Let your baby see your face while you are singing so they can watch how your mouth moves – you will see your baby try to copy long before they can speak themselves
  • Describe what you are doing, seeing or hearing to your baby. It might feel strange to talk to a baby who cannot speak back but they will love to hear your voice.

Open Shut Them or Cuddly Koala.

Key message
Children learn language by listening to it and using it.

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