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Are You My Bottom?

By Kate and Jol Temple and Ronojoy Ghosh

A cheeky picture book about a small panda who has lost his bottom. Small Panda finds bottoms everywhere – a stripy one under a tail, a feathery one up a tree and a pink one that’s definitely seen too much sun – but none are his. Finally, Small Panda spots a furry black and white behind ….. but if it’s not his, whose could it be?

Key Message for Parents | Children Learn Through Being Engaged And Doing

We now know the huge influence the experiences a child has in the first few years of life have on the development of their brain and how this can affect their life course. Some ideas to share with parents are:

  • Young children are active not passive learners and play, more than any other activity, promotes healthy social, emotional and intellectual development. Play allows and encourages children to be engaged – it is the source of fun, laughter, joy, wonder, delight and fabulous memories. The repetitive nature of play helps shape and builds the important networks in children’s brains.
  • Sharing stories and songs is one of the most important things a parent can do to help their child’s developing brain. When parents read, sing, talk and play with their child it ensures that they feel loved and secure. This in turn develops confidence and the desire to learn new things.
  • Pre-schoolers learn a lot about language and social skills through imaginative, creative play.

Early Year Learning Framework | Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

As educators and practitioners we can help young children take responsibility for their own learning by:

  •  Providing a supportive active learning environment which fosters curiosity and engagement
  • Allowing time in the day for play, song and stories
  • Giving praise and recognizing all achievements, big and small
  • Encouraging children to use language to describe and explain their ideas.
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