Are You My Bottom? Activity Time

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By Authors Kate and Jol Temple. Illustrations by Ronojoy Ghosh.

Panda is flummoxed - his bottom is missing! At first Panda thinks he spies his bottom high up in a tree, but that bottom belongs to a feathery bird. Next, he spots a bottom in the forest, but that is the caboose of a long-legged moose! Are You My Bottom? is a hilarious story about friendship, determination and remembering where you leave important items.

I spy Panda

You will need:

  • Template (attached)
  • Crayons and scissors* optional.

What to do:

  1. Decorate and cut out Panda if you like, then get ready to play!
  2. Ask your child to close their eyes and count to 10. Hide Panda somewhere around the house or in the backyard
  3. your child the seeker, give clues such as “I spy Panda hiding behind something tall” Using new words while playing games helps children understand them and before long they develop a strong vocabulary. Use directional words like, under, behind, between, high, low, above or below etc.
  4. Once Panda is found, you become the seeker. Encourage your child to give you clues to help you find where Panda is hiding.

More ideas

Play the original hide and seek and invite your child to hide somewhere in the house or garden. Count to ten then call out “Ready or not here I come!”. Talk aloud while searching for your child and use lots of describing words to explain where you looking, for example “Is Claire hiding behind the curtain?”
Why not go on a scavenger hunt around your home? You can write a list or take photographs of objects to search for and find.

STEM Focus

Sorting, gathering and classifying objects are important science skills. Playing games where you spend time looking at, touching and feeling and describing objects is an interesting and interactive way to help your child to build their scientific vocabulary with lots of new and exciting describing words.

Songs to sing

The Hokey Pokey or change the words to Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear (Panda Bear,
Panda Bear).

Key message | Children learn through being engaged and doing.


For full Activity Time download attached PDF.


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