Animalia Learning Time

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Learing Time Notes

  • Look at the cover of the book and talk about all the things the children can see in the picture.
  • There are many ways you can share this book with young children. For the very young you may wish to read the letter of the alphabet rather than the whole text.
  • Many of the words in Animalia may not be in a toddler’s vocabulary, but they will enjoy hearing the same initial sound repeated over and over again. (Alliteration)
  • With younger children you may to choose to read only a few pages at time or focus on just one page and one letter sound.
  • Graham Base’s pictures contain lots of detail. With young children think about reading the story to a small group so each child can look closely at the pictures.
  • Using pictures that the children have drawn and from magazines or calendars make a poster featuring a letter or initial sound.

For more great ideas, download the Learning Time Sheet for Animalia below.

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