Animal ABC Learning Time

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Animal ABC


Theme: New Experiences (Jan 2014)

Discover animals of all shapes, sizes and colours in this vintage style ABC book of 
animals. It’s simple, elegant design and clear colorful illustrations make it a perfect 
book to share with a young child. 

Key Message For Parents: Children learn language by listening to it and using it


You can help babies develop language in the following ways: 
  • By regularly reading to your baby 
  • Choose books with bright, simple illustrations that will grab a baby’s attention 
  • When reading Animal ABC, have fun making different animal noises too! Squawk! Moo! Baa and hiss! Baby will enjoy listening and may soon join in with you! Encourage their gurgles and coos as they are the first steps in a baby’s speech development 
  • Vary the tone and volume of your voice when reading to a baby and don’t forget to use lots of eye contact to reinforce a sense of trust and attachment 
  • Use prompts such as “ Where is the…..Oh! Here it is!” to help a child engage with the book. 

Learning Outcomes: Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity


We can help build a child’s sense of identity by: 
  • Listening and responding to children, to ensure they feel safe and supported 
  • Acknowledging that all children are unique and recognizing this in positive ways 
  • Helping to support their developing sense of autonomy by encouraging independent thinking and modeling appropriate and positive social skills. 

Before Reading 

Have all the babies sitting in their parents or caregiver’s laps. You might like to use a puppet or an instrument like some bells to get their attention. The animal world is a world of wonder, with new sights and sounds galore! Make sure you attempt to make the sounds of the animals as you explore the book and encourage parents to do so as well! 

After Reading


You might like to share some well-known action rhymes such as Here Is The Sea
Here is the sea 
The wavy sea 
Here is a boat 
And here is me 
All of the fishes, way down below 
Wiggle their tails and away they go! 


For full learning time sheet please download attached PDF


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