Animal ABC Activity Time

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Activity Time





Theme: New Experiences

Book title: ANIMAL ABC

What animal do you hear?

You will need:

• You and your baby.


1. As you read this book with your baby talk about each animal and describe it’s colours, size and shape. 

2. Make the animal noises or use your hands/body to act out how that animal moves. 

3. As your baby responds encourage them to experiment with different sounds and use their mouth, tongue and teeth to make noises and sounds. Enjoy being silly together.


Talk about any pets you have or animals you and your baby are familiar with. What noises to they make? Chat about other animals or birds that may live in your garden, park, country or zoo.

Read some other books with exotic animals such as Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? by Eric Carle. Watch this Dad reading Polar Bear Polar Bear to his young baby on Youtube. Can you make lots of funny noises and sounds with your baby? 


Use Justine Clarke’s Creatures of the rain and sun as a lullaby or quiet time song: (

Key Message: The brain develops through use.

For full activiy time sheet please download attached PDF



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