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ALPHABET by Matthew Van Fleet

Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet is an interactive A-Z book where you will find scaly green alligators, bristly yellow bees and scratchy pink cougar tongues! Touch and feel, lift the flaps and spend time exploring the detail on every picture on each page. Together you and your child will spy plenty of animals and objects as you work your way through the English alphabet. This is a perfect book for energetic toddlers, read the entire book or just a few pages. 

Activity Title: Letter hunt

You will need:
• Magnifying glass template
• Light cardboard (use a cereal box or tissue box) 
• Crayons, Scissors & Glue 
• Optional clear cellophane or zip lock bag.
What to do: 
1. Decorate your magnifying glass
2. Cut out template and trace onto cardboard 
3. Glue template onto cardboard to strengthen magnifying glass
4. Add optional ‘glass’ by using clear cellophane or a zip lock bag. 
5. Search for your special letter. Choose the first letter of your child’s name, a favourite toy or family pet. Look at titles of books, in your pantry or when you are out and about at the shops or walking past street signs.
More ideas
Finding ways to have fun with letters, words and sounds are perfect ways to support your child develop language skills during their early years. Help children to recognise their own special letter, the first letter of their name by writing it in sand or in dirt when playing outside. Make playdough and practise rolling and forming the letter. Spot their special letter in this book, how many times can you find it? 
STEM Focus: It might be overwhelming to think about science, technology, engineering or maths activities for toddlers but it can be simple. This activity introduces investigation through play. Play allows children to build a range of skills that support STEM areas such as, exploring, questioning, problem solving, enquiring and discovering! 
Songs to sing
The ABC song, Old MacDonald Had a Farm or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (you can change the words to include your child’s name, for example, Twinkle, Twinkle Hugo Star).

Key message

Children learn language by listening to it and using it.


For full Activity Time download attached PDF.


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