Alpacas with Maracas Learning Time

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Learning Time


Before Reading

Make sure everyone has got their wriggles out and is sitting comfortably, legs crossed and hands in laps.
Introduce the book by firstly identifying the title, author and illustrator. Next ask your families what they can see on the cover!

During Reading

The end papers of this book set the festive mood! Vibrant and colourful, these end papers feature alpacas and maracas, so spend a little time talking about the patterns and colours.
Matt Cosgrove’s illustrations are immediately appealing and entertaining as Macca is introduced, followed by his best friend Al.
Take time to enjoy the humour and fun in each spread. Ask open-ended questions which will prompt critical thinking like “what do you think they will do with the maracas?” Wait for their answers and then turn the page and see!

After Reading

• Learn about Alpacas – where do they come from? Where do they live and what do they eat?
• Do some comparative thinking: Do all Alpacas look the same? Identify and describe the physical differences between Macca and Al.
• Host you own talent show – who would like to show us some of the clever things that they can do?
• Maracas come from Latin America. Play some Latin American music and play the freeze game. The Hooley Dooley’s have a fantastic song called Keep on Dancing, which has a Latin vibe! Perhaps you could make some maracas then dance with them to the music


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