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Alpacas With Maracas 

By Matt Cosgrove

Macca and pal Al are the best of friends so when there is an opportunity to enter a talent contest together, they just can’t resist. But what will their act be? Whatever they choose it will surely be a performance to remember! The 2019 National Simultaneous Story Time book is a great read-aloud for young children.

Maraca Shakes!

You will need:
• Template (attached) 
• Crayons, paint or pencils
• Cardboard tube or roll
• Dried rice, beans or sand
• Aluminium foil
• Glue and sticky tape.
What to do
1. Decorate template and cut out along the dotted lines
2. Cover one end of the cardboard tube with aluminium foil and seal with tape
3. Pour a little dried rice in to the tube
4. Cover the open end of the tube with more aluminium foil and seal with tape
5. Glue or tape template onto cardboard tube 
6. Give it a shake to hear the sounds.
STEM Focus
STEM includes ‘Engineering’ which for children means building, making and using appropriate tools. They can build or create objects using recycling such as cardboard and containers. When your child has opportunity to use tools (age appropriate scissors, tape dispensers, glue sticks, etc) to make their own constructions they develop their manipulative skills and hand-to-eye coordination. They also learn to organise and estimate. 
Songs to sing 
Janie Works with One Hammer, If You’re Happy and You Know it and Shake A Tail Feather.

Key message: Children are born ready to learn and use mathematics.



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