All Fall Down Activity Time

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All Fall Down

Written and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
Have fun singing and bouncing together with this bright and cheerful board book.

Sing and dance together!

You will need:
• You and your baby
• Round and Round the Garden song sheet.
What to do
1. Gently take babies hand and tell them it’s time for ‘Round and Round the Garden’ (see Song Sheet attached) 
2. Use your finger to draw a circle on the palm of their hand as you say ‘Round and Round the Garden, like a Teddy Bear…’
3. Use 2 fingers to ‘walk’ along your child’s arm as you say ‘One step, two step…’
4. Gently tickle your child as you say ‘Tickle you under there!’
5. Continue as long as baby is interested but be mindful of cues in their body language when to stop
6. Alternatively, sing your favourite songs as you dance and sway together.
Songs to sing 
The Hokey Pokey, Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Key message: Children learn from watching and copying.

For full Activity Time please download the attached PDF
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