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A Trip To The Beach by Gwyn Perkins

A gentle story about the unique beauty of the Australian coast, the universal magic of the ocean and the joy of letting the long Summer days unfold.


Water play!

You will need:
• You and your child
• Large shallow tray (or kitchen sink)
• Water
• Plastic cups, funnels, plastic toys, etc
What to do:
1. Set-up a play space outdoors if possible, or on a towel at home with your toddler.  You may prefer to use the kitchen sink.
2. Put a few centimetres of water in the tray and let your toddler splash and explore the water.  Let them get wet!
3. Talk about what the water feels like “Your hands are wet!”.  
4. Add the plastic cups, funnels or toys and show how to pour or drip water.  
5. Your child can enjoy splashing and exploring the water.  
6. SAFETY NOTE: Remember a parent/adult carer needs to be with babies/children at all times around water.
More ideas: 

Try different ways of playing with the water - pour it from up high, swirl the water around with a large spoon, scoop it in different size measuring cups, or just have fun splashing and refilling the tray!

Your child may be interested in floating some little boats or sinking some objects (teaspoons, etc).  Use lots of describing words to explain what is happening “This spoon is heavy and it sinks to the bottom, but this plastic cup is light and its floating.”

STEM Focus

STEM in the early years is all about curiosity and giving your child lots of opportunities to investigate every day experiences. Exploring what water feels like, what it can do, and how it reacts when we splash or use tools, are all fun ways for your child to learn using their senses and builds a deeper understanding of the world around them.  These simple activities are using play to support your child’s learning about STEM concepts.

Songs to sing 
Here is the sea, the wavy sea, Once I caught a fish alive or Row Row Your Boat

Key message: Children learn from watching and copying.

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