A Monster Wrote Me A Letter Learning Time

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Learning Time

Being Creative Through Play

Create a post office in the home corner or writing area.

  • Each child could have their own post box with their photo and a number on it.
  • Shoeboxes or tissue boxes make great post boxes.
  • When the children are writing letters to their friends encourage them to include an “address” on the envelope with the corresponding number to their friend’s post box.
  • You may even like to make keys for the boxes.
  • The children can also make a large post box for the centre and help sort the mail each day.
  • Don’t forget to include envelopes, stamps and a variety of papers.
  • Many shops and cafes have free postcards that can be used in the post office.
  • Ask parents to save old stamps for the children to use.
  • The children could design their own stamps draw them onto small labels.
  • Think about including nametags with all of the children’s names for their friends to copy when they are writing letters to each other.

The children may like to make mobile phones or computers from box construction. Or you may have access to old computers and phones for the children to play with.

As part of a cooking session the children can make monster pancakes. The children can help mix the batter. The more misshaped or irregular looking pancake is, the better. Decorate the cooked pancakes with a variety of toppings.

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