A Crocodile In The Family Activity Time

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A Crocodile in the Family by Kitty Black and Daron Parton

A fun and heart warming story about belonging, acceptance and the meaning of family.

Sock animals

You will need: 
  • You and your preschooler
  • Animal template
  • Coloured pencils, pens, textas, and crayons
  • Socks
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors. 
  1. Pick features for your sock animal from the template. Mix and match the eyes, ears, and nose to create your own creature.
  2. Decorate the eyes, ears and nose with your coloured pencils, crayons and textas.
  3. Use the sticky tape to tape all the features on to your sock.
  4. While you create your sock animal with your preschooler, talk about the different shapes and sizes of the features. For example, “does your animal have pointy ears or round nose? Does it have antennae?”. You can discuss with your child about our differences and how they make us unique.
  5. Ask your preschooler to give their sock a name. Talk with them about how they will care for it and how it belongs as part of your family. “How are you going to look after your sock? How will you make sure he/she knows they belong?”
STEM Focus
Children are constantly learning about themselves and others around them. By talking about our differences and our similarities as well as sharing stories with characters who have different backgrounds and experiences, we can raise children to celebrate and value diversity, be accepting of others, and also be proud of themselves and their family traditions. 
Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes, Lavender’s Blue, We Are A Family (www.youtube.com/watch?v=foptl0BeXnY).

Key message Children learn through being engaged and doing.


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