Environmental and engineered

This is a pivotal time for environmental microbiology. Black box microbially-mediated processes are being pried open by culture-independent techniques that can identify who is responsible for a process and expose the molecular underpinnings of the process.


Microorganisms have forged intimate relationships with nearly all eukaryotic hosts. However, the nature of these associations is often studied from the viewpoint of only the host or only the microbe.

Tree of Life

A grand challenge in biology today is mapping the tree of life. Marker genes have provided a crude outline of this tree and now for the first time, flow sorting, whole genome amplification and high throughput sequencing place us tantalizingly close to making genomic characterization of all cellular life a reality. Viruses have similarly benefited from these advances. ACE, through its expertise in these areas, will be a focal point for meeting this grand challenge.


The bioinfomaticians of the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics actively design and develop software used in the analysis of ecogenomic datasets, software which furthers the research aims of the centre


We aim to exploit next-generation DNA sequencing to better understand how medically important bacteria cause disease, become resistant to antibiotics and disseminate globally.

Last updated 13 July 2016
Last reviewed 13 July 2016


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