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ISBN Title Author
9781743626047 Some Mums Nick Bland
9781406352320 Goodnight Everyone Chris Haughton
9780241383964 Where Are The Five Frogs, Spot? Eric Hill
9781743316283 Let's Play Gabriel Alborozo
9780744598254 Five Little Monkeys Zita Newcome
9780763615666 One Duck Stuck Phyllis Root
9781925768657 I’m Ready for Easter Jedda Robaard
9781862917064 I Went Walking Sue Williams
9780143785835 Froggy Green Anna Walker
9781760290511 Ten Blue Wrens Elizabeth Honey
9780731813902 Grug and the rainbow Ted Prior
9781405328807 Mummy and Me Cookbook Annabel Karmel
9781742379524 10 Little Hermit Crabs Lee Fox
9781846167591 Dig Dig Digging Margaret Mayo
9780723263586 Spot Bakes a Cake Eric Hill
978-0-6480868-8-8 Little Chicken Chickabee Janeen Brian
9780734411112 Bear and Chook by the Sea Lisa Shanahan
9781444927863 Thank You Mr Panda Steve Antony
9781925584936 When You're Going to the Moon Sasha Beekman
978-0-9943801-7-3 My First Shapes RLA
9781742031477 The Number One Aussie Alphabet Book Heath McKenzie
9781743628621 I Love My Mum Anna Walker
9781742375281 Press Here Herve Tullet
9781925594379 Under the Ocean Nancy Bevington
9781760290221 The Sloth Who Came To Stay Margaret Wild
9780500500354 Owl Know How Cat Rabbit
9780732293185 Baby Wombat's Week Jackie French
978-0671449032 Opposites Sandra Boynton
9780746066928 That's not my bunny. . . Fiona Watt
9781876288709 Seadragon Sea Margaret Spurling
9780957988439 The Red Feather Ben Kitchin
9781921504860 Quick As A Wink, Fairy Pink Lesley Gibbes
9781742376714 Bom! Went the Bear Nicki Greenberg
9780241379103 Baby Touch: Colours
9781406368437 Return Aaron Becker
9781760296742 Puddle Hunters Kirsty Murray
9781741693300 Hunting For Dragons Bruce Whatley
9781408354414 Giraffes Can't Dance Giles Andreae
9781741758832 Look see, look at me! Leonie Norrington
9781933605739 Cat Mike Dumbleton
9780230531352 The Odd Egg Emily Gravett
9781921714221 An A to Z of Pirates Caroline Stills
9780140502428 My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes Eve Sutton
9781921504235 Louie the Pirate Chef Simon Mitchell
9780007347032 Mog and Me Judith Kerr
9780733314247 My Dad Jeannette Rowe
9781921541520 No More Kisses Margaret Wild
9781406342246 Silver Buttons Bob Graham
9781925475616 The Very Noisy Baby Alison Lester
9780733332067 I Got This Hat Jol and Kate Temple
9780733334603 A Rat in a Stripy Sock Frances Watts
9780330504065 Jack and the Flumflum Tree Julia Donaldson
9781760063610 Millie-Mae in the Garden Natalie Marshall
9780143770985 Scarface Claw Hold Tight! Lynley Dodd
9780864619334 Silent Night Juliet Groom
9781406358919 My Mum Says The StrangestThings Katrina Germein
9780670076154 I'm a dirty Dinosaur Janeen Brian
9781406309140 Mirror Jeannie Baker
9780141340111 The Jolly Christmas Postman Allan Ahlberg
9780316043472 It's Okay to Be Different Todd Parr
9780763694685 Do You Believe in Unicorns? Bethanie Deeney Murguia
9780723258445 Spot's Easter Surprise Eric Hill
9781921928093 Jessica's Box Peter Carnavas
9781408309476 Mad About Minibeasts Giles Andreae
9781406344899 Maisy Goes on a Sleepover Lucy Cousins
9781921272882 My Sister Olive Paula Russell
9781876288112 Baby Tania Cox
9780733334054 Daddy Cuddle Kate Mayes
9780763650926 Bears on Chairs Shirley Parenteau
9781869439262 The Wonky Donkey Craig Smith
9781862915671 Clancy the Courageous Cow Lachie Hume
9781447266143 One Ted Falls Out of Bed Julia Donaldson
9781742971414 Billie B Brown & Hey Jack Sally Rippin
9781925381450 Mum Goes to Work Libby Gleeson
9781921720680 Catch That Plane! Sally Sutton
9780733329944 Moo Alison Lester
9780670076765 Starting School Jane Godwin
9780763626310 One Is A Snail Ten Is A Crab April Pulley Sayre and Jeff Sayre.
9781742831589 Yummy Ice-Cream Emma Quay
9781846432767 My New Baby Rachel Fuller
9780763638436 Beatrice Doesn't Want To Laura Numeroff
9781526380074  Clap Hands: Here Come the Kittens Hilli Kushnir
9781447212683 Super Submarines - Amazing Machines Tony Mitton
9781406312331 The Boy on the Bus Penny Dale
9781741691160 Leaf Stephen Michael King
9781847385796 Millicent and Meer Richard Byrne
9781862914421 Silly Galah Janeen Brian
9781743620243 Snail and Turtle Are Friends Stephen Michael King
9781862918696 All Together Now Phil Cummings
9781741755503 Special Kev Chris McKimmie
9781921504631 Scary Night Lesley Gibbes
9780733318641 Whose family? Jeannette Rowe
9781760159795 Row, Row, Row Your Boat Matt Shanks
9780734416872 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Jane Taylor
978-0-9943604-9-6 My First Coloured Shapes RLA
9780857632395 Pip and Posy- The Little Puddle Axel Scheffler
9780670075379 Nana's Colours Pamela Allen
9780143506089 Hairy Maclary and Friends 1 2 3 Lynley Dodd
9781526380012 On the Move Mojca Dolinar
9780733621079 Rosie Sips Spiders Alison Lester
9781921504730 Bridie's Boots Phil Cummings
9781877003974 An Australian abc of Animals Bronwyn Bancroft
9780747587385 Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy Michael Rosen
9780733329623  A Very Quacky Christmas Frances Watts
9780857637628 Where's Mrs Ladybird? Ingela Arrhenius
9781743313442 Kick with My Left Foot Paul Seden
9781743315118 This Little Piggy Went Dancing Margaret Wild
9780734411181 Collecting Colours Kylie Dunstan
9780007309825 If I Were the Easter Bunny Louise Gardner
9780141361796 The Book With No Pictures B.J Novak
9780007158461 Green Eggs and Ham Dr Seuss
9780763679460 Bears in the Bath Shirley Parenteau
9781743625804 Thelma the Unicorn Aaron Blabey
9781406365535 Count With Maisy, Cheep, Cheep, Cheep! Lucy Cousins
9781862912915 Fang Fang's Chinese New Year Sally Rippin
9781844287116 Maisy Goes Camping Lucy Cousins
9780152632243 Possum Magic Mem Fox
9781925081695 Gary Leila Rudge
9780141501598 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Bill Martin Jr
9780702235344 What the Sky Knows Nike Bourke
9781921504143 Ballroom Bonanza Nina Rycroft
9781741696448 I Love Easter Anna Walker
9781865047959 Blossom Possum Gina Newton
9780230706484 Toddle Waddle Julia Donaldson
9780241446850 Where's Spot? 40th Anniversary Edition Eric Carle
9780731814046 Grug and his music Ted Prior
9780731815036 Grug A b c Ted Prior
9781760296735 Digger Mike Dumbleton
9781921136450 Peeking Ducks Krista Bell
9781760650957 Dig, Dump, Roll Sally Sutton
9781760110017 Bear Make Den Jane Godwin
9780152060305 Whoever You Are Mem Fox
9781760405335 Black and White Jane Foster
9780241330340 Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Bill Martin Jr
9781865085968 India the Showstopper Kerry Argent
9781760406127 Seaside Natalie Marshall
9780702253546 A Curry for Murray Kate Hunter
9780143504450 Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy Lynley Dodd
9781742377797 A Sick Day for Amos McGee Philip C.Stead
9780857074478 Supertato Sue Hendra
9781862918412 Wombat Divine Mem Fox
9781921977312 Ten Little Figs Rhian Williams
9781925360455 At the Zoo I See Joshua Button
9781408865996 Nuddy Ned's Christmas Kes Gray
9780702249617 Bea Christine Sharp
9781925163339  Pandamonia Chris Owen
9780547366203 Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes Mem Fox
9780141362861 Spot Loves Bedtime Eric Hill
9780803717596 Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings Matthew Van Fleet
9781509836147 Fluffy Kitten Rod Campbell
9781862915992 Puffling Margaret Wild
9780241330319 Chatterbox Baby shapes Pat-a-cake
9781460751787 Millie Loves Ants Jackie French
9781741698077 The Lion Sleeps Tonight Solomon Linda
9780143502197 The Waterhole Graeme Base
9781865046112 A Monster Wrote Me A Letter Nick Bland
9781741147049 At the Beach Roland Harvey
9781405248303 Not Me! Nicola Killen
9781408873762 Everyday Mel Four
9780857982254 Santa's Outback Secret Mike Dumbleton
9780733320194 The ABC Book of Australian Poetry Libby Hathorn
9780670078073 Boo! Margaret Wild
9781406322248 Rocket Countdown Nick Sharatt
9781444932515 Oi Cat! Kes Gray
9780702239250 Squish Rabbit Katherine Battersby
9780763692650 Hooray for Birds! Lucy Cousins
9780152010669 Time For Bed Mem Fox
9780731814039  Grug Plays Cricket Ted Prior
9780670079414 Florette Anna Walker
9781847388360 Olivia goes to Venice Ian Falconer
9781442435032  Moo Matthew Van Fleet
971921502453 When No-one's Looking On The Farm Zana Fraillon
9781747158917 There's A Goat In My Coat Rosemary Milne
9780733621123 Good Night, Me Andrew Daddo
9781743460146 Seaside Sandcastle Natalie Marshall
9781471119231 Small, Smaller, Smallest Corina Fletcher
9781921504501 Jeremy Chris Faille
9781921541810 Me and My Dad Sally Morgan
9781741758900 Shake A Leg Boori Monty Pryor
978-0-6480868-7-1 Fancy Pants Kelly Hibbert
9781922326089 Let's Go! On A Train Rosalyn Albert
9781760276782 Eddie Frogbert Sue deGennaro
9780670042760 Fiona the Pig's Big Day Leigh Hobbs
9781925584745 The Silver Sea Alison Lester
9780734418012 What's at the end of this Piece of Rope? Tania Cox
9781409530367 Usborne First Activities Easter Fun Fiona Watt
9781408880029 Numbers Bobo & Co Nicola Killen
9781406343762 Time for Bed Petr Horacek
9781845073909 Sunshine Jan Ormerod
9781442412873 Olivia Saves the Circus Ian Falconer
9780733314612 My Grandma Jeannette Rowe
9781743623893 The Wheels On the Ute Go Round and Round Loraine Harrison
9780007158492 Hop on Pop Dr Seuss
9781742372488 That's not a daffodil! Elizabeth Honey
9780141340098 The Snowman - Sound Book Raymond Briggs
9780732299033 Wombat Goes To School Jackie French
9780733331725 Rudie Nudie Emma Quay
9780099408796 Mr Gumpy's Outing John Burningham
9781742375731 The Perfect Flower Girl Taghred Chandab
9780857630896 Books Always Everywhere Jane Blatt
9781925594270 Santa's High-Tech Christmas Mike Dumbleton
9781760406134 Wild Babies Natalie Marshall
9781402716249 Where's the Dragon? Jason Hook
9780733333774 Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle Glenda Millard
9781760635015 The Easter Bunnyroo Susannah Chambers
9781580891134 Lola at the Library Anna McQuinn
978-0-9943604-0-3, 978-0-9943801-1-1, 978-0-9943801-2-8, 978-0-9943801-3-5, 978-0-9943801-4-2 Mini Meals RLA
9781405359450 My First Board Books DK
9780789466785 DK Book of Nursery Rhymes Debi Gliori
978-0-6482720-3-8 I Spy Food let's cook with friends Casper, Annie, Eric, Chester and Betty Raising Literacy Australia
9781406304756 Maisy's Christmas Eve (With CD) Lucy Cousins
9781406371376 Picken Mary Murphy
9780143785026 Charlie Ronojoy Ghosh
9781921928116 The Important Things Peter Carnavas
9780723273486 One Little Baby Birthday
9781444908954 The Perfect Present Fiona Roberton
9780670076758 Kissed by the Moon Alison Lester
978-0-9943852-6-0 My Every Day Shapes RLA
9780140509335 Spot's First Easter Eric Hill
9781406309492 Be Gentle Virgina Miller
9781760063627 Millie-Mae Dresses Up Natalie Marshall
9780734419217 Joey and Riley Mandy Foot
9781406334722 Maisy's Bathtime Lucy Cousins
9780152165420 Sleepy Bears Mem Fox
9781406307160 How to Heal a Broken Wing Bob Graham
9780648115656 Garden Stew Carrie Gallasch
9781447202608 I Am an Artist! Marta Altes
9781405339063 I Can Eat A Rainbow Annabel Karmel
978-0-9943852-1-5 It's Rhyme Time RLA
9780733324062 The Feelings Book Todd Parr
9780994384164 Heads and Tails: Insects John Canty
9781743811160 Hickory Dickory Dash Tony Wilson
9780744598155 Handa's Hen Eileen Browne
9781925059380 My Dad is a Bear Nicola Connelly
9780143503682 Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella Pamela Allen
9781760650049 Dinosaur Day Out Tania Cox
9780670077175 Guff Aaron Blabey
9780143790679 Ho! Ho! Ho! There's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Christmas Cake Hazel Edwards
9781876288679 You Must be Joking Mike Dumbleton
9781925768671 Baby Business Jasmine Seymour
9781741757323 If You Love A Nursery Rhyme Susanna Lockheart
9781406374186 Where is Little Fish? Lucy Cousins
9781760065409 Australian Animals ABC Bambi Smyth
9780857071309 For you are a Kenyan Child Kelly Cunnane
9781406352290 Maisy Learns To Swim Lucy Cousins
9781921504259 Can We Lick the Spoon Now? Carol Goess
9781743318584 Whale in the Bath Kylie Westaway
9781869436322 The Animal Undie Ball Ruth Paul
9781408351550  I am Too Absolutely Small for School Lauren Child
9780141373164 All About Spot Eric Hill
9780670078943 Lots Marc Martin
9781922081216 Waiting For Hugo Amanda Niland
9781921541209 Little Blue Gaye Chapman
9780143501619 Chatterbox Margaret Wild
9780733324222 Wrong Way Mark Macleod
9780141501796 Hairy Maclary's Hat Tricks Lynley Dodd
9781844280599 Knuffle Bunny Mo Willems
9781922142610 Clever Crow Nina Lawrence
9781925584929 A Day at the Show Gwyn Perkins
9780230747722 Dear Zoo Rod Campbell
9781743313459 Emus Under the Bed Leann J Edwards
9780731814022 Grug Learns To Cook Ted Prior
9780007158485 Dr Seuss' ABC Dr Seuss
9780143780564 Ten Little Owls Renee Treml
9781408839560 The Great Dragon Bake Off Nicola O'Byrne
9781526382238 Find Out About: Kindness Mandy Archer
9780733316975 ABC for Kids: Families Odette Ross
9781742376462 To The Top End Roland Harvey
9781921042164 I Spy Mum! Janeen Brian
9781406306965 Maisy Goes to the Library Lucy Cousins
9780734417305 Look Out, Pink Piglet! Phil Cummings
9781760631642 Are You My Bottom? Jol and Kate Temple
9781760124878 Family Forest Kim Kane
9781740219365 Look and Feel Catherine Prentice
9780143505402 It's Bedtime, William! Deborah Niland
9780544259003 Peggy Anna Walker
9780731813872 Grug Ted Prior
978-0-6480868-6-4 Baby Dance Katrina Germein
9781743629291 One Keen Koala Margaret Wild
9781925163490 I Love Me Sally Morgan
9781905236626 My Granny Went to Market Stella Blackstone
9781921136412 Kip Christina Booth
9781760110956 Mix it Up! Herve Tullet
9780143502005 Plane Train Truck & Trolley Peter Sheehan
9781406333831 A Bit Lost Chris Haughton
9780141500539 But Excuse Me That is My Book Lauren Child
9781925360219 Steve Goes to Carnival Joshua Button
9781760122911 Where is Bear? Jonathan Bentley
9780545540469 My Lucky Little Dragon Joyce Wan
9781841215655 Giraffes Can't Dance Giles Andreae
9780763623074 How Kind Mary Murphy
9781742377186 A Song For Lorkie Jennifer Castles
9781405331876 Cooking Jane Bull
9780316016681 We Belong Together : A Book About Adoption and Families Todd Parr
9781417635771 Spot Goes to School Eric Hill
9781743314562 When We Go Walkabout Rhoda Lalara
9781921541117 An Australian 1 2 3 of Animals Bronwyn Bancroft
9781741756623 In the City Roland Harvey
978-0-9943801-6-6 Let's Play Ali Durham
9781743812549 The Very Sleepy Bear Nick Bland
9780141501093 Slinky Malinky's Christmas Crackers Lynley Dodd
9780733324666 Play School Come and Play Colours ABC Books
978-0-9943852-7-7 My Food Shapes RLA
9781760666507 Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas Lucinda Gifford
9780143501312 Grandpa and Thomas Pamela Allen
9781876288785 The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Games Nette Hilton
9780994451958 Christmas Fhiona Galloway
9781925360448 Animals In My Garden Bronwyn Houston
9781742755793 One Very Tired Wombat Renee Treml
9781452155418 Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets, A Muslim Book of Shapes Hena Khan
9781509828876 Patterns Emily Bolam
9780857630230 Noodle Loves to Eat Marion Billet
9780141337418 Peepo Janet Ahlberg
9781409325888 Colours: Sophie la Girafe DK Books
9781741698206 Hattie and the Fox Mem Fox
9781406318326 Dear Mother Goose Michael Rosen
9781406331028 There Are No Cats in this Book Viviane Schwarz
978-0-6480868-6-4 Lullabies For Bed Time Katrina Germein
9781481487078 Dance Matthew Van Fleet
9781876288952 Look, Baby! Penny Matthews
9781921136726 The Red Bridge Kylie Dunstan
9781876288723 Bobbie Dazzler Margaret Wild
9781845076023 Down the Back of the Chair Margaret Mahy
9781509828913 Hello You Stephen Barker
9781526380043 Toddler's World: Colours Pat-a-Cake
9780143501442 Beginings and Endings with Lifetimes In Between Bryan Mellonie
9781742371153 The Tall Man and the Twelve Babies Tom Niland Champion
9781742975528 Lucy Goosey Margaret Wild
9781925059403 Fearless With Dad Cori Brooke
9780741690798 I Love to Dance Anna Walker
9780316070430 The Grandpa Book Todd Parr
9781876288044 Let's Go Visiting Sue Williams
9781741697612 Alpha Monsters Chris Kennett
9781741148947 Alison Lester's ABC Alison Lester
9781406303070 Cuddle Time Libby Gleeson
9780230770928 My Zoo Rod Campbell
9781921136757 Winter's Blanket Phil Cummings
9781788003070 This is the Way We Go to School Yu-hsuam Huang
9781741755114 Bumping and Bouncing Alison Lester
9780811877176 In My Ocean Sara Gillingham
9781912858309 Extraordinary! Penny Harrison
978192113733 Chase Through Venice Sally Gould
9781783415694 Happy Dog and Other Furry Friends Roger Priddy
9780763666187 Paul Thurlby's Alphabet Paul Thurlby
9781921136504 The Box Boy Mal Webster
9780143505235 Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack Lynley Dodd
9781742030104 The Twelve Days of Christmas; 1 man, 12 days, 78 gifts Heath McKenzie
9780857638656 Listen To The Birds Marion Billet
9780143501305 Uno's Garden Graeme Base
9780141369631 Farm Chase Rod Campbell
9780230701045 Wow! Said the Owl Tim Hopgood
9780143501916 Rex Ursula Dubosarsky
9781741144888 Magic Beach Alison Lester
978-0-9943852-8-4 Wilbur, Grace and Joe Phil Cummings
9780857079534 Oliver & Patch Claire Freedman
9781760277055 Boy Phil Cummings
9780061366642 Bunny's Easter Egg Anne Mortimer
9781760651763 Australian Baby Animals Frané Lessac
9781865046174 Six White Boomers Rolf Harris
9781922077165 Construction Sally Sutton
9781921977763 Louise Builds a Boat Louise Pfanner
9781921977190 When We Go Camping Sally Sutton
9781406361650 Shh! We Have A Plan Chris Haughton
9781921042539 Row, Row, Row Your Boat What Can You See? Angie Lionetto-Civa
9781921272561 Kisses For Daddy Frances Watts
9780723271512 Spot's First Christmas Eric Hill
9780143502111 Little Brothers Are. . . Beth Norling
9780857074454 No-Bot The Robot With No Bottom Sue Hendra
9781921136603 Same But Little Bit Diff'rent Kylie Dunstan
9781741147124 Imagine Alison Lester
9781444919592 Oi Dog! Kes Gray
9781862919150 The Bush Concert Helga Visser
9781925030525 Grug Meets a Dinosaur Ted Prior
9780702237041 The Flying Orchestra Clare McFadden
9780241324332 Hello Peter!
9781742994147 The Unscary Book Nick Bland
9781921690594 Foxly's Feast Owen Davey
978-0-6482720-1-4 I Spy Food with Penny Pear and friends Raising Literacy Australia
9780857987396 Once I Heard a Little Wombat Renee Treml
9780143501350 Hunwick's Egg Mem Fox
9780670072637 Hooray! There's A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Having A Party Hazel Edwards
9780857988461 No Place Like Home Ronojoy Ghosh
9781742838700 My Aussie Dad Yvonne Morrison
9780140567038 You'll Wake the Baby Catherine Jinks
9781444914337 Colour With Splosh David Melling
9781742031750 Rabbit's Year Melissa Keil
9781848577206 Who's Who Peek Though Animals Nicola Edwards
9781409327974 Beep! Beep! Peekaboo! DK Books
9780143505136 The Terrible Plop Ursula Dubosarsky
9781862917088 One Woolly Wombat Kerry Argent
9780670062584 Good Luck Bear Greg Foley
9780140509199 Each Peach Pear Plum Allan Ahlberg
9780744572186 Maisy Makes Gingerbread Lucy Cousins
9780723254829 Spot Loves His Dad Eric Hill
9780141501307 The Nickle Nackle Tree Lynley Dodd
9781848691612 Big Fish Little Fish Jonathan Litton
9781921504266 You Are My Special Baby Carol Chataway
9781406344882 And the Train goes... William Bee
9780143504047 Me and You Geneviève Côté
9781406331868 Duckie's Rainbow Frances Barry
9781444918311 You Are (Not) Small Anna Kang
9781760631857 The Beach Wombat Susannah Chambers
9781742378350 Mr Chicken goes to Paris Leigh Hobbs
9780864617422 Tip Tip Dig Dig Emma Garcia
9781402797811 Fluff and Billy Nicola Killen
9780143309017 Hairy Maclary Treasury Lynley Dodd
9781406300406 Guess How Much I Love You Sam McBratney
9781921504822 Seagull Danny Snell
9780733333415 When I Grow Up Andrew Daddo
9781925126402 Ted Leila Rudge
9780141500348 Delilah Darling is in the Library Jeanne Willis
9781760112127 Splosh for the Billabong Ros Moriarty
9781406372434 Mrs Mole, I'm Home! Jarvis
9780143503095 Annie to the Rescue Deborah Niland
9781921541674 Possum And Wattle Bronwyn Bancroft
9780143785040 Blast Off! Shelly Unwin
9780671449025 The Going To Bed Book Sandra Boynton
9781921928475 Clementine's Walk Annie White
9781862918931 Too Loud Lily Sofie Laguna
9780733323188 Play School Numbers ABC Books
9781406385212 This Little Piggy Counting Book Jarvis
9781406376791 Splish, Splash Ducky! Lucy Cousins
9781921042195 A True Person Gabiann Marin
9780857980045 The Bouncing Ball Deborah Kelly
978-0-9943801-5-9 Your Baby's First Years RLA
9780141343792 Spot Can Count Eric Hill
9781921928406 Mr Darcy Alex Field
9781925030501 Grug the Superhero Ted Prior
9780864616616 Incy Wincy Spider Keith Chapman
9780733333552 My Sunbeam Baby Emma Quay
9781444901498 Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleep David Melling
978 0 6482720 8 3 The Hip Hop Barn Phil Cummings
9781921136559 Gina the Dancing Queen Marisa Alo
9780733335235 The Hole Kerry Brown
9781921720796 Demolition Sally Sutton
9781922081704  Merry Everything Tania Mc Cartney
9781416955658  Alphabet Matthew Van Fleet
9781742756516 Seadog Tom Jellet
9780316265232 Be Who You Are Todd Parr
9780857634542 Pip and Posy: The Scary Monster Axel Scheffler
9780733306693 Whose Series Jeannette Rowe
9781921928086 Last Tree in the City Peter Carnavas
9781925381887 Let Me Sleep, Sheep! Meg McKinlay
9781865042749 Emily Loves to Bounce Stephen Michael King
9780670073566 Wanted: The Perfect Pet Fiona Roberton
9781847389152 Christian the Hugging Lion Justin & Richardson & Peter Parnell
9781921136702 The Search for Bigfoot Bradley! Dean Gorissen
9780733320330 I do it Andrew Daddo
9781921042799 Round Fish Square Bowl Tom Skinner
9780143503071 Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley Aaron Blabey
9781741693416 The Wrong Book Nick Bland
9781760113377 Esther's Rainbow Kim Kane
9780732291723 Christmas Wombat Jackie French
9780857630308 Just Right Birdie Black
9781742975276 Molly and Mae Danny Parker
9781921042591 Samantha Seagull's Sandals Gordon Winch
9781921417375 Smarty Cat Series Jeannette Rowe
9780763645106 Hug Jez Alborough
9780857639950 Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue Benji Davies
9781471120879 I Need A Wee! Sue Hendra
9781875641888 Aussie Toddlers Can Magabala Books
9780141363783 Spot, I Love You Eric Hill
978-0-9943852-0-8 It's Bed Time Phil Cummings, Katrina Germein, Susan Betts & Tania Cox
9780141373768 Find Spot at the Museum Eric Hill
9780140542899 Spot Stays Overnight Eric Hill
9781844284825 Jethro Byrde, Fairy Child Bob Graham
9780857631329 Bizzy Bear Pirate Adventure Benji Davies
9781921136122 With Nan Tania Cox
9780731813933 Grug Goes to School Ted Prior
9781408805725 Hello, World! Smriti Prasadam
9780734419415 Moving Your Body Beci Orpin
9781925768657 Counting our Country Jill Daniels
9781760152994 Echidna Jim Went For A Swim Phil Cummings
9780731814305 Grug and His First Christmas Ted Prior
9780192754783 Round and Round the Garden Sarah Williams
9780947212445 Picasso the Green Tree Frog Amanda Graham
9781921042157 Blow Me A Kiss Karen Collum
9781742834450 The Magic Hat Mem Fox
978-0-6480868-8-8 Little Chicken Chickabee Janeen Brian
9781862917385 The Pocket Dogs go on Holiday Margaret Wild
9781743317693 Animal ABC Allen & Unwin
9780670077434 Max Marc Martin
9781921529719 Roadworks Sally Sutton
9781921042362 Max Meets a Monster Tracey Hawkins
9781921504921 Tell 'em! Katrina Germein
9780857988003 Wild Pa Claire Saxby
9781405350167 Baby Touch and Feel - Things That Go
9780733330803 The ABC Book of Lullabies ABC Books
9780670075058 Let's Count Goats! Mem Fox
978-0-6481156-7-0 Hush Say The Stars Margaret Spurling
9781406304589 Silly Suzy Goose Petr Horacek
9781760502225 Love Makes A Family Sophie Beer
9780670077366 Find Me A Castle Beci Orpin
9781740219334 Colours Catherine Prentice
9781876288594 Piglet and Mama Margaret Wild
Press Here App Herve Tullet
9781481442206 Out of Shapes Ashley G
9781925335378 Smile Cry Tania Mc Cartney
9781841210681 There's a House Inside My Mummy Giles Andreae
9781416983194 I Love My Dad Anna Walker
9781877467103 My Village- Rhymes From Around The World Danielle Wright
9781922244864 Hey Dad, You're Great Corinne Fenton
9780143504122 Little Cat and the Big Red Bus Jane Godwin
978 0 6482720 9 0 My Teeth Danny Snell
9781876288242 Luurnpa: The Magical Kingfisher A Dreaming Narrative Bai Bai Napangarti
9780143502036 My First 123 Pamela Allen
978-0-9943853-6-9 Nursery Rhymes for Every Day RLA
9781742032214 My Dad Thinks He's Funny Katrina Germein
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