Featured Stories

Our Featured Stories program was developed in 2006 as a way to support families and the early childhood sector to choose high quality, age appropriate books for young children and encourage regular, shared reading experiences.

Each month, the LBBC team select and recommend 3 children's picture books for families to enjoy. The selected titles are suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and are usually linked to a theme or topic. Throughout this website you will find over 400 quality picture book recommendations that are searchable by book title, theme or author/illustrator and these titles can now be purchased through our preferred online bookseller, Booktopia.

Some of the main criteria we look for when reviewing children's picture books include:

  • Text that encourages language development
  • The story has a positive message or moral
  • Illustrations are eye catching and engaging
  • The book appealed to a young child when read to them
  • Supporting Australian authors and illustrators where possible. 

Parents and the early childhood sector are encouraged to seek out these books and borrow or buy them for their home library. We also develop free resources to support each title including Activity Time sheets (perfect for use at home with a parent and child) and Learning Time sheets (written in the form of a lesson plan and great to use in library, child care and school settings).

Look for these logos below to help you select the right books for your child at these stages of their development: