Building Foundations for Early Learning

Tuesday, 30 July 2019 - 9:30am
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Building Foundations for Early Learning
Suitable for: 
Early Years Professionals
Christian Gospel Centre
2 George Main Rd
Victor Harbor, SA 5211
Phone: 08 8331 3095
$169.17 (includes GST)

The workshop covers the latest research on early childhood brain development, how early language and literacy skills develop, and provides a wide range of practical tips to build confidence in choosing and using books and songs in group time sessions with children.

Topics covered in the workshops include:
• Children are born ready to learn
• Brain develops through use
• Building blocks for speech and language development
• Children learn through being engaged and doing
• How to choose quality books
• Sharing books with meaning and purpose
• Using books as a springboard to play
• Tips for oral story-telling and picture walks
• Importance of home language
• Planning group time sessions – Read, sing, talk, play everyday


COST:  $150 +GST  per person

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