Tasmin Ainslie

I was born and educated in the UK, travelled extensively through my teenage years and early twenties before settling in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW, with my partner John and daughters Olympia and Matilda. I work from my home based studio where I spend most of my time illustrating children's books, designing book covers, drawing, painting and printmaking. I like to draw the things around me, making illustrated journals of my travels and everyday life, the people, objects and moments that surround me, these often find their way into my books. Spending time with my family, surfing, cooking, playing and all these little most important moments in life add to my work. A word, a colour, a toy, a moment. This is what my illustration is, always a work in progress, always evolving and telling a story.

My illustration can be seen in books and magazines for adults and children, on book covers, stationery, greeting cards, posters, promotional material and in advertising.