Mandy Foot

Mandy's creative talents are unique. In her pursuit of becoming a professional illustrator, she also developed her skills as a graphic designer, utilising her illustrations in the design process; as a photographer to capture the critical reference required to create such charismatic illustrations; as a print consultant to better understand the printing process and technicalities required in reproducing her illustrations to their best potential; and as a wildlife artist, exploring different techniques and mediums to create award winning artworks, earning a nomination and ultimately becoming a finalist, in the Young Australian of the Year Awards, Arts Category, 1997.

Mandy's career began in the early nineties when as a pre requisite for completing her Bachelor of Design, specialising in Illustration studies at the University of South Australia, she was required to seek out and produce an actual design/illustration project for a new client. There wasn't even a thought process - she bee-lined straight for the Adelaide Zoo and from there began a professional relationship spanning more than 12 years involving illustrating literally a zoo of animals, both animated and realistic in their portrayal.

Since then as a freelance designer and illustrator, her clients have included large corporations such as BHP, Mitsubishi, Elders, Oxfam Australia, and numerous government and TAFE Institutions, as well as smaller one on one clients for privately commissioned illustrations, corporate identities, print media and website design.

Today Mandy is a published illustrator of 20 children's books. Mandy is always looking to improve her skill level and increase her knowledge, the journey of being an artist is all about taking on and embracing new challenges to push her creative talents!