Katz Cowley

Originally from the UK, Katz has seen her wildest dreams unfold in Christchurch, where she created the illustrations for the bestselling, and the award winning, The Wonky Donkey, her first published book, followed by The Fidgety Itch (Sept '10) and Willbee The Bumblebee (Oct '10).

She believes her love of creating characters is inspired by growing up (to some degree!) with a mother who read her childrens' books in all manner of weird and wonderful character voices and brought her imagination to life. She followed the calling to do a degree in Illustration in Newcastle, UK.

As well as being an illustrator and singer-songwriter, Katz is also a passionate teacher of creativity workshops and classes for both adults and children.

The inspiration behind her teaching grew from breaking through her own creative blocks, her passion for creative journalling and a fascination with mystery and surprise.

Her school touring workshops include delving into Creating Characters and Creatures, with sneak previews into her behind the scenes birthings of characters for her books and the sometimes brow~mopping, but always rewarding creative process.

Katz can also be found teaching at tertiary level at local art institutions has also taught therapeutically focussed creative workshops with organisations such as Canteen and The Cancer Society.

Selected creative peak experiences include being a 3D model maker at UK based Aardman Animations (of Wallace and Gromit fame), exhibiting at The 2008 Edinburgh Festival alongside fellow illustrator and Harry Potter cover artist Cliff Wright and singing in an oak tree with the wonderfully inspired Loons Circus Theatre Company.

Katz sings her heart out as she illustrates characters to life and is a firm believer that creativity is a way of life rather than a path for the gifted few.

We are all creatively juicy, it's just discovering the golden threads of inspiration that lead us most deeply to that part of our nature and keep us connected to our creative dance with life.

Katz's motto is 'Don't just do it, do it beautifully'.