Janet McLean

Janet McLean is an early childhood educator. She has a special interest in the development of language in young children, and would like to inspire confidence in new parents, grandparents, teachers and childcare educators as they help children develop communication and literacy skills. Janet and Andrew McLean have created a number of popular and award-winning picture books together, including Hector and Maggie, Dog Tales, Cat's Whiskers and Josh.

Janet  'I grew up in Essendon, an outer Melbourne suburb. As a child I loved reading and I enjoyed browsing through the books in my father's extensive library. I spent many hours with the neighbourhood children making up and acting out stories, and producing plays and circuses. Working with young children over the past thirty years has been an inspiration to me as a writer.'

The McLeans have won popularity and acclaim for their picture books. Andrew's spirited illustrations and Janet's friendly stories encourage young children to look and listen and think.