Danny Parker

I live with my wife and two children in sunny Perth. We have a couple of dogs (Barney and Charlie), a cat (Tiny). When I’m not writing, or thinking about writing I have a proper job – as a writer in residence! I’m fortunate enough to be teaching writing and drama in a big independent boys school. I get to work with brilliantly creative energetic people all the time and consider myself very lucky indeed.

We’ve been here in Australia since 2004 – we arrived here from the UK on something of an adventure and I’m glad to say it’s turned out to be an awfully big adventure.

My first three published picture books seem to accidentally chart a period of time between losing my father, becoming a father, and the odd world that is parenting. This wasn’t planned, but the combination of family and the deeply personal process of writing seem intertwined for me. Perhaps when I grow up I’ll find new territory.

My main inspiration seems to be my family. Whenever I embark on a story, or start to fan the flames of an idea, no matter where the original idea came from it seems to find its way back to my family and close relationships.