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By Ruby (aged 18 months) and her Dad

I have been reading to my daughter from a very early age. She is now 18 months old and already has favourite books that she pulls out of the bookshelf to read and play with. And reading has become a big part of our bed time routine too.

The latest book we have been reading is Grug 123.

I like books that are interactive and can help my daughter learn. With this book there is no story as such, but on each page Grug is pictured with things to count, starting with ‘one big red apple’ through to ‘twelve hollow logs’. I read the text to my daughter and then count out the pictures – 1 balloon, 2 balloons, 3 balloons.  I then ask her to point to Grug and the pictures on each page.

Now that we have read it a few times she has started pointing as I read the words and even repeats the words as best she can – amazing!

Grug 123 is all about counting and is easy to make interactive which is why I like it. I can tell my daughter likes it too, as we usually have to read it a second time, or a third time.

My daughter has just recently started drawing and colouring and whenever she wants to draw I have to sit at her table and join in. We have just done the Activity Time colouring sheets.

 The colouring sheets, similar to Grug 123, are interactive and all about counting. There are two flowers to colour, just as there are two flowers to count in the book. There are then three bees to colour in, cut out and stick onto the sheet with the flowers.


My daughter hasn’t quite mastered the art of colouring within the lines, or using the right colours, but she seems to always enjoy creating something when she puts pen to paper, so this activity was a lot of fun – for both of us!

Thank you Craig and Ruby, it warms our hearts to see a doting dad and his baby girl having fun with a book x

To be in the chance to win your own copy of Grug 123, please leave a comment below.

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Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope you have been inspired to read and play with your little ones. The random winners of a Grug 123 book are:





Enjoy xx

Woo hoo! Thanks so much. Looking forward to discovering the world of Grug...

My husband reads so many books to our kids, and enjoys it immensely, which I found surprising at first because he doesn't really read much for himself - but then, it is so much more fun reading to children, isn't it! My 2 year old son loves many of the books from his big sister's shelf, but it would be great to have some more suited to his level. A Grug counting book would be perfect, and I can't wait to print out the activity sheets that go with it, so we'll do that now!

Love the simplicity of such a classic can inspire so much creativity with the follow up colouring activities, that can be enjoyed by the whole family together.

Love that you have got the Dad's involved!  No Dad and no Grug in our family - but  I can fix one of those!!  : )

My husband has just gone part time at work to spend more time with our two little girls! (Less money but more Daddy time!!) One of their favorite things to do is read lots and lots of stories, but we've never read Grug before and this would make us very happy.

I love to see a dad with the time (and patients) to read to a little one, it is just beautiful. 

I understand many dont work the hours to be there to have that special bedtime read. This being the problem for my husband.

For him those few times he gets a chance is a special time, and yes the little ones know their favourite book to pick, ours is 'Where is the green sheep' by Mem Fox. It is amazing how quick they learn what words go what page. It is beautiful to watch them read it together,

Congratulations to all dads who can read to their little ones. Well done Craig.

Grug was always one of my favourites as a little girl. I am yet to introduce my almost 2 year old to him, but I think she'd find him quite hilarious. My daughters favourites at the moment are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and any board book where she can point to the pictures and try and say the words. It's such an amazing stage! Would love to win a copy of the Grug book to share with my daughter.

I love reading a bed time books with my 16mth daughter. We pick out three of her favourite books and she'll normally choose the order that we read them in. In one of the books is a teddy on every page and she loves looking for it and pointing at it on each one. Also when we read the Spot books, she loves opening the flaps and turning the pages.

I'm so glad that she is always really excited for story time.