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Kessler AJ, Chen Y-J, Waite DW, Hutchinson T, Koh S, M. Popa E, Beardall J, Hugenholtz P, Cook PLM, Greening C.  2019.  Bacterial fermentation and respiration processes are uncoupled in anoxic permeable sediments. Nature Microbiology.
Amann RI, Baichoo S, Blencowe BJ, Bork P, Borodovsky M, Brooksbank C, Chain PSG, Colwell RR, Daffonchio DG, Danchin A et al..  2019.  Consent insufficient for data release—Response. Science. 364(6439):446-446.
Džunková M, Low SJen, Daly JN, Deng L, Rinke C, Hugenholtz P.  2019.  Defining the human gut host–phage network through single-cell viral tagging. Nature Microbiology.
Low SJen, Džunková M, Chaumeil P-A, Parks DH, Hugenholtz P.  2019.  Evaluation of a concatenated protein phylogeny for classification of tailed double-stranded DNA viruses belonging to the order Caudovirales. Nature Microbiology.
Soo RM, Hemp J, Hugenholtz P.  2019.  The evolution of photosynthesis and aerobic respiration in the cyanobacteria. Free Radical Biology and Medicine.
Evans PN, Boyd JA, Leu AO, Woodcroft B.J., Parks DH, Hugenholtz P, Tyson GW.  2019.  An evolving view of methane metabolism in the Archaea. Nature Reviews Microbiology.
Budden KF, Shukla SD, Rehman SFirdous, Bowerman KL, Keely S, Hugenholtz P, Armstrong-James DPH, Adcock IM, Chotirmall SH, Chung KFan et al..  2019.  Functional effects of the microbiota in chronic respiratory disease. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 7(10):907-920.
Whitman WB, Klenk H-P, Arahal DR, Aznar R, Garrity G, Pester M, Hugenholtz P.  2019.  Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea (GEBA) VI: learning from type strains. Microbiology Australia.
Rehaume LM, Matigian N, Mehdi AM, Lachner N, Bowerman KL, Daly JN, Cao K-ALê, Hugenholtz P, Thomas R.  2019.  IL-23 favours outgrowth of spondyloarthritis-associated pathobionts and suppresses host support for homeostatic microbiotaObjectivesMethodsResultsConclusions. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 78(4):494-503.
Amann RI, Baichoo S, Blencowe BJ, Bork P, Borodovsky M, Brooksbank C, Chain PSG, Colwell RR, Daffonchio DG, Danchin A et al..  2019.  Toward unrestricted use of public genomic data. Science. 363(6425):350-352.
Chuvochina M, Rinke C, Parks DH, Rappé MS, Tyson GW, Yilmaz P, Whitman WB, Hugenholtz P.  2018.  The importance of designating type material for uncultured taxa. Systematic and Applied Microbiology.
Laloo AElohim Elo, Wei J, Wang D, Narayanasamy S, Vanwonterghem I, Waite DW, Steen J, Kaysen A, Heintz-Buschart A, Wang Q et al..  2018.  Mechanisms of persistence of the ammonia oxidising bacteria- Nitrosomonas to the biocide Free Nitrous Acid (FNA).. Environmental Science & Technology.
Roux S, Adriaenssens EM, Dutilh BE, Koonin EV, Kropinski AM, Krupovic M, Kuhn JH, Lavigne R, J Brister R, Varsani A et al..  2018.  Minimum Information about an Uncultivated Virus Genome (MIUViG). Nature Biotechnology. 37(1):29-37.
Wood DLA, Lachner N, Tan J-M, Tang S, Angel N, Laino A, Linedale R, Cao K-ALê, Morrison M, Frazer IH et al..  2018.  A Natural History of Actinic Keratosis and Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Microbiomes. mBio. 9(5)
Rinke C, Rubino F, Messer LF, Youssef N, Parks DH, Chuvochina M, Brown M, Jeffries T, Tyson GW, Seymour JR et al..  2018.  A phylogenomic and ecological analysis of the globally abundant Marine Group II archaea (Ca. Poseidoniales ord. nov.). The ISME Journal.
Varelias A, Bunting MD, Ormerod KL, Koyama M, Olver SD, Straube J, Kuns RD, Robb RJ, Henden AS, Cooper L et al..  2018.  Recipient mucosal-associated invariant T cells control GVHD within the colon. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 128(5):1919-1936.
Parks DH, Chuvochina M, Waite DW, Rinke C, Skarshewski A, Chaumeil P-A, Hugenholtz P.  2018.  A standardized bacterial taxonomy based on genome phylogeny substantially revises the tree of life. Nature Biotechnology.



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