Preschoolers love books that have: an interesting storyline, humour, suspense, adventure and characters that they relate to. Your preschooler is growing up and stories will help them understand new experiences and feelings. Reading regularly with your child will also give them a great start at school.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. You know your child best. Be guided by their interests. If they are mad about trains, read books about trains. If they are spending their days hunting for fairies, read books about fairies.
  2. All children love predictable books, books that have a pattern, a predictable plot or lots of repetition.
  3. Before you start reading, tell your child the title and look at the cover together.  Encourage your child to guess what the book is going to be about.
  4. Make a list of favourite authors and illustrators to look for when you next visit the library or bookshop.
  5. When you read to your child, run your finger under the words from time to time as you read them. This will teach him that you read from top to bottom and left to right.

At this age the most important thing to develop is a love of reading. Don’t make each story time a lesson, read just for the fun of it!

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