About Us


Enriching Australian lives through literacy.




" 7.3 million Australians do not have the skills or ability to effectively participate in today’s society."

Literacy enables individuals to better understand and negotiate the world in which they live and to take advantage of and contribute to a civil society. Australians today, living in a knowledge economy in a global environment, where technology has increasingly transformed communication, require far more sophisticated literacy skills than those that have been required in previous eras. Low levels of literacy, on the other hand, have cumulative, negative effects.

National and international research continuously reinforces that how we engage with our young children has a fundamental impact on their lifelong learning and their ability to participate in society. Children who do not have positive engagement with adults in their first 3 years are at a distinctive disadvantage when they commence school. Research also demonstrates that if these children do not receive substantial intervention their trajectory does not alter throughout their school years.


Support and educate individuals, families and the community through sustainable programs. Our aim is to enable Australians to participate in society, both culturally and economically, to achieve lifelong learning and improved life chances.

Our Priorities


Raise awareness nationally of the crucial importance of literacy and its role in our every day lives.


Work with like minded organisations, individuals and governments. Celebrate, support and promote good practices.


Evaluate and grow our programs to enable positive practises and effective engagement between individuals, families and communities.


Provide opportunities to educate, inform, upskill and inspire.


Programs and Initiatives

The Big Book Club

  • Adult monthly selections
  • Youth monthly selections
  • Virtual community

The Little Big Book Club

  • Reading Packs program (Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers)
  • Featured Stories program
  • Read to Me program
  • Public Library engagement

Building Foundations for Early Learning

  • Educating parents/carers
  • Upskilling practitioners
  • Supporting communities

Community Engagement

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Theatrical performances
  • Multilingual resources
  • Responsive to community needs
  • Parenting and early childhood sector resources

Industry Support

  • The book and publishing Industry
  • Australian authors and illustrators
  • The arts and literature sector
  • Associations: ALIA, ALEA, ACLA, CBCA