Toddlers love spending time with you. When you cuddle up together and share a book you are spending important one on one time together. A toddler’s vocabulary has the ability to develop at an amazing rate. Reading to them helps introduce them to a wide range of new and interesting words.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Toddlers like books that have interesting illustrations that they can explore on their own.
  2. Read books that have rhyme and repetition so toddlers can start to join in with some of the words.
  3. Toddlers like to be independent so let them choose their own books and turn the pages themselves.
  4. Read to toddlers when they are interested. If they don’t like sitting still for a story that’s ok. Make sure there are lots of books around that they can reach when they are in the mood. Try reading out loud to them while they are playing with their toys and you might find that they come and join you.
  5. Be prepared to read their favourite stories over and over again. 

Book of the month

Happy Dog and Other Furry Friends
by Roger Priddy

Happy Dog can’t wait to play, grumpy Pug it’s your lucky day!


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